Saturday, June 28, 2014

Talisman Island Talisman 2ed Content

Jon New over at Talisman Island contacted me to provide some pics for his site. I happily obliged, and took some new pictures better suited for his needs.

In addition to the following official 5 figures, I sent pics of 16 "home brew" minis of the characters form Talisman City, Talisman Dragons, White Dwarf #115 and La Heraut #2. The alternates are not up on TI's site yet, so I will only show the ones that are.

Princes from Talisman

Gladiator from Talisman Expansion Set

Soldier from Talisman The Adventure

Scout from Talisman Dungeon

Astronaut from Talisman Timescape

These minis have either already been posted or will soon be posted in the Talisman 2ed Figure Collection series. After the series is over, I will show my alternate/home brew characters, as well as home brew expansions I downloaded over at Talisman Island.

That's all for now.