Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shipping Containers WIP

Just a quick post showing off a side project that has been creeping along. There was no specific purpose for this project, but they will definitely get use in Dark Heresy and Necromunda.

Here is a set of shipping containers. The started out as large blocks of balsa wood from a variety pack I bought from a craft store over a decade ago. They tumbled around my balsa bin before I finally saw what they could become!

The big container was used as is, but the two smaller ones are actually two pieced sandwiched together. It took a couple rounds of laying down wall spackle and sanding to obliterate the grain of the wood. I cut out cardboard to cover the ends with open grain.

On the two smaller containers, I used Rhino top hatches as doors, and on the larger container I used doors from the Cities of Death building sets.

I began to cut strips of bass wood to frame the larger container, and then added smaller strips as "support ribs". The next step is to do the same on the smaller containers. You can see the lines I drew indicating where the ribs will go.

Not sure when I will work on these again. They have been sitting at this stage for likely about a year. Too many projects going  on at once is always my downfall! I expect there will be more projects started before this one is finished!!