Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dark Heresy Servitor WIP

Our Dark Heresy Acolytes just (finally) bought a couple servitors. I only had 2 Heavy Bolter servitors and had temporarily blu-tac'd a pair of Space Marine 2ed Missile Launcher arms to a couple of other servitors to use in Deathwatch. But now, we needed something more permanent.

I started with a Havoc Missile Launcher off the Vehicle Accessories sprues as the basis for this mod. The clip is from a Robogear Hurricane model.

For the back pack, I cut down an IG backpack and added a part of the Havok Missile Launcher not used above.

This servitor is a very old sculpt. For the most part, it fits in with the newer models, but I am considering replacing his bare feet with boots.