Thursday, September 19, 2013

Deathwatch Character Showcase - Storm Wardens Librarian

My friend Hmack painted up his own figure for our Dark Heresy campaign. There are some great features on this figure. So I took a couple of pics and highlighted the best elements.

Hmack is proud to be Scottish and that is what drew him to play a Storm Warden. He even painted his own tartan on this fellow. I think it turned out spot on!!

A very innovative idea, the sword has wire wrapped around it to create an "electric" effect. I really like how it turned out. There is even a bit of OSL on the arm.

The Storm Warden's shield is sculpted on the shoulder pad and the lightning bolt is painted on.

This is already a tall miniature (Emperor's Chosen) and with the extended sword arm and standing on the rocky base, this guy towers over the rest of the party!