Saturday, September 28, 2013

Munchkin Swag Generator

I love card games. I love lots of expansions. I love being a power gamer... I loves me some Munchkin! 

Taken off interwebs without permission
I don't get to play Munchkin very often, but in the last few months we got a number of games in. After the first couple games, something started gnawing at me that hadn't bothered me before. Over the years, I have accumulated quite the treasure trove of extra bits and bobbles, marketing swag, and blatant money grabs ( :) ) all granting special rules to the owner of said item in a game of Munchkin. I never used them, as no one would EVER play if I started every game at level 3, a +5 combat bonus, and a handful of various bonuses.

So after these recent games, it started bothering me that this shoe box full of "swag" (some purchased, some freebies) was never going to get used. It dawned on me that we (my gaming group) like charts and tables, and I like spreadsheets! I set out to create a sheet that all the players could roll on before each game.

The right most column is the quantity of each item and is used in the formula to create the d100 spread. In the future, it is simple to add more swag to the list. I simply insert a new row, copy the formula, and fill in the new item(s). No re-calculating the percentages! The items that I have more than one copy of have a proportionally larger percentage on the chart. Essentially every item I own has an equal chance. Because this is munchkin, I included results to get two or three items! 

On the second page there is a simple table to determine who gets what level counter. We actually use the game board (from Munchkin Deluxe) to determine everyone's level, but there is an in-game bonus if your level counter matched the game.

If you want to make your own Swag Generator, here is the Open Office file.