Thursday, September 5, 2013


I just got myself a box of brains!!! Even better they were free! A friend of mine bought them for $2 at a garage sale and gave them to me. I haven't counted them yet, but I estimate there about 100 of 'em.

Here is a 16mm die for scale. Oh, I guess I for got to say why I am so excited to get a box of brains. Well, I play Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson Games. I started out using glass beads. That was certainly functional, but I wanted something more thematic. It quickly switched to using HorrorClix Victim Tokens (a sort of POG representing typical horror movie victims). This worked very well and fit the theme. They also fit in the Zombie Dice cup. I had quite a selection of tokens and we placed them upside-down in the middle of the table, so your victims were random.

But what I really wanted was more of these. I bought this set of pewter brain beads while I was really into Magic: The Gathering in the mid-'90s. There are only 20 brains, and usually not enough for a game of Zombie Dice with 6 players. I have been trying to find another set of these for years (even before I bought Zombie Dice). But in the last year, I have really tried to find another set of these cool "beads".

Well, now I have brains in spades!! The only down side is they wont fit in the Zombie Dice can. I think I can live with that! Now, I have to decide if I am going to paint these!!.