Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Get a Clue

Taken from interwebs without permission

I always loved the game Clue growing up. I discovered in my research for my Risk Project that it is common for Parker Brothers/Milton Bradly/Hasbro to significantly change the content of a particular game (both in quality and quantity). So I researched Clue a bit to see if there was a particular version that was "better" than another. I was surprised at the many variations throughout the years and differences between countries.

Clue Master Detective (CMD) came out on top in all but one figures. CMD was published in 1988 and "upped its game" (compared to the version I am familiar with) by the following changes:

  • The game is played by two dice instead of one
  • Added 4 characters (10 total)
  • Added 2 weapon (8 total)
  • Added 3 rooms. (13 total)
  • The Lounge, Study, Hall and Ballroom are replaced with other rooms in the original edition. The Lounge, Study and Hall are returned in the later editions.
  • The rooms are much closer to each other
  • All characters now start in the Cloak room, and must return to the Cloak Room to make accusations.
  • Snoop spaces allow you to read one card of your choice from any other player's hand
  • When making a suggestion, ALL players in order must show a card if they have one or more of the cards mentioned. In the original, as soon as a single player showed a card, the turn was over.
This sounded perfect to me! Except for no figures. I knew there was a "deluxe" version that has figures, but there were only 6 characters in that game. Fortunately, I found the 2006 edition Clue DVD game came with 10 figures! I found the figures on eBay for $6!! 

The original 6: Mrs. White, Prof. Plum, Col. Mustard,
Mr. Green, Miss Scarlet, and Mrs. Peacock
The new 4: Sgt. Grey, Mme. Rose, Miss Peach,
and Mon. Brunette

I do not know the names of the 4 new characters in the DVD game, but they are obviously different than the 4 characters in CMD. I plan on painting all of them anyway, so that wasn't a bid deal. But 3 of the 4 new characters, and one of the original, needed a little modification to better match the artwork in CMD.

For Sgt Grey, I added shoulder straps, a tie and a holster (I am still looking for a pistol to put in his hand). For Prof. Plum, I scalped him and gave him a bald head. For Mme Rose, I added a large sun hat. Lastly for Mon. Brunette, I added a baret.

I am not a sculptor, and IMO these additions are by far my most "complex" green-stuff work. I am not saying this is fantastic work, but simply acknowledging my achievement!

A line-up of all the suspects

For the bases, I wanted to add some weight and thickness. So I glued 2 pennies and a 20 mm wood base to the bottom of the figure. This has made them very difficult to knock over, and they have a nice feel when moving them around the board.

Taken from the interwebs without permission

Lastly, I thought I would throw in a shot of the brass weapons included in CMD.