Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pending Battle!

Well, I will beat Laertes to the keyboard and let you all know we finally put a game on the calendar... T-minus 6 days in fact!! This will be our first 5th edition battle, coming it at 750 points. I previously posted my army list in an earlier blog here. While I agreed with some of the feedback, I decided not to include any of the great suggestions from Chernobyl and NockerGeek and to stick with the list as is.

I believe Laertes is running necrons (I'll let him post his list). However, I wouldn't be surprised if his Demon Hunter army showed up as a last minute replacement if the 'crons assembly plant didn't make its quota!!

We are both long-time hobbyists, but infrequent players... I think we only managed 3 battles of 4th edition!! So there may be a few mistakes during this game. I plan to take lot's of pictures during the game, and Im sure we will both want to post a battle report.

Wish us luck!