Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stifled Creativity

I bought my home in 1999, and prior to being a home owner, my hobby workstation was in the corner of a bedroom (read: inside). But after moving into a house, all my modeling and hobby gear was moved to a more spacious, yet less “habitable” garage.

For 7 of the last 8 years I have not had central air conditioning. So during the “hot” weather, it wasn’t any less comfortable at my workstation than it was sitting in the house. This year however, a heat pump keeps the house a very pleasant temperature. I have noticed that this has adversely affected my desire to walk out to the “sauna” and paint… so I have not been very productive over the last few weeks.

But you may say “don’t you live in the NW with mild summers and lots of rain?” Well, yes I do. However, being what you would call an “extra large” fella, and of 50% Viking heritage (however my red hair comes from my Irish ancestry...HA!), anything over 80° is a scorcher!! It has been north of 80°for most of the last three weeks.

In the mean time I thought I would share my work space. The first picture is the center of my work bench... it is the “original” table I have used for about… uhm… well 25 years!! The lower three pics show the space to the left (including project racks), the right (bins of supplies and materials), and a close up of my bitz drawers.