Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Terrain: Urban Battleboard

I have been running this project back and forth in my head for some time now. I don't actually play all that often, but really enjoy this aspect of the hobby. Even if my friends and I aren't able to put a game together, my son will be old enough to play a real game in the not too distant future...

This is not the first time I put this idea to paper... I have made many sketches, and below is just the latest one. Modularity is the key factor. This layout is at maximum building density. I envision typical layouts to be more sparse.

The dark grey is the actual board surface. The black outlines indicate the individual building tiles. Some tiles have a 1" sidewalk (light grey areas), some do not. The tiles are based on a 12" x 12" grid and are positioned at a 45° angle. In this layout there are 2 @ 12x24 tiles, 5 @ 12x12 tiles, 4 @ 12x6 tiles, and 10 @ 12" triangle tiles (these can either be placed on the table edge or 2 placed together to make a 12x12 tile).

The black numbers indicate the number of stories. The yellow measurements are just that... I picked a few random spots to show street width for tank accessibility. Note that many of the building tiles will be primarily rubble and passable by most vehicles... Only a section of wall with remnants of the floor remain.

Future additions would include a river/canal, an overpass, and park tiles.

So, what are your thoughts... is this a good plan?