Friday, August 14, 2009

The Chaos Fleet Enters Dry Dock

After the move now the damage assessment begins. Breaking out my Chaos fleet for Battlefleet Gothic, after a number of years and perhaps far too many moves, I have begun to see what it takes to bring them back up to fighting trim. There seems to be minor damage at least all around: masts snapped, pegs broken off of flying bases, turrets now falling off, paint chipped, etc. It looks like the only choice for a flagship at the moment is the Quietus, a Murder-class cruiser you can just make out in far upper right. Not shown are some escorts still in the box, and a couple of the more badly damaged larger ships. My Repulsive-class grand cruiser is in pieces but looks eminently repairable -- I'm afraid I'm hesistant to say the same about my Despoiler-class battleship, that seems to be missing some pieces for her bridge! I shall have to redouble my efforts to locate those pieces and hope that I didn't just dismiss them as a general bit of left over somewhere.

I'm not quite so confident when it comes to figuring out what to do for the flying bases. For my Necron Destroyers in 40K, I'm going with a modified version of a magnetic flying base that I first saw mentioned on Fritz's blog. I will cover my version of that in a future post (dealing with the Destroyers), but the basic idea is a small machine screw in the model and a replacement post bearing a magnet on the flying base. Should work fine for most of the jetbike-type of models, as they're fairly light and made of plastic. But what about the heavy metal ships? I don't think the same method is going to work quite as well, and, of course, they're the ones most likely to snap their flimsy stock flying pegs. Any ideas?

If you'd like to check out the Battlefleet Gothic rules, including the descriptions and stats of the various ship classes that I've mentioned, you can view the rules and supplemental PDFs here.