Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tau Progress Chart

Doh! after scheduling 5 posts out on a 3 day interval, I lost track of when I had to come back and write up some more posts!! I will have to catch up over the next few days. This post will be a little shorter than originally planned...

Here is a progress chart for my Tau Empire army. I intended to include group shots, but I haven't made much progress beyond what has already been shown in previous posts.

Tau is my newest army. I played the heck out of my Space Marines in 1st-3rd editions. After a long hiatus of playing I started collecting Tau. But a friend and I only managed to play one game of 4e and two games of 5e at 500-750 points. So, there isn't a lot here completely painted. I also got sidetracked with scratch building and painting various Forge World units and a set of objectives.

To further put me behind, I am changing the color scheme of the Army. From a variation of the Iconic T'au sept to a white with red and black scheme. My goal is to not repaint the finished models until I get an equal mount of models painted in the new scheme.