Wednesday, November 6, 2013

BFG Progress Charts

I am an Old Skewl GW fan boy. As such, Battlefleet Gothic is one of my favorite games. Since I just added to my collection in a recent large loot purchase and  showcased some old pictures of my painted fleets, I thought it would be appropriate to create and share these progress charts.

The Imperial Navy is the back bone of my forces. They were originally painted purple with gold trim and a yellow prow. But over the years I have began to think this is too much like a Slaaneshi-scheme. The new scheme will be a battleship grey with a yellow prow.

I have been collecting Space Fleet ships over the years to be used as older ships of the fleet. I am still considering weather of not to paint them slightly differently or not.

My Space Marine fleet is painted up like my 40K home-brew Space Marine chapter--Turquoise with orange trim. I have 2 cruisers painted as Grey Knights in homage to my old opponent, who played chaos. I am considering painting a squadron of escorts on the same scheme and doing the same for the black ship. 

For now I am calling this my "Pirate" fleet, but I envision it like either a planetary defense or Rogue Trader Fleet. The list is currently based on the Wolf Pack list formerly available of GW website. If I choose to make this a Rouge Trader fleet, I will likely find another list to base it off of. I plan on the colors to be an an assortment of reds, whites, greys, and gunmetals--More random and weathering if a planetary defense fleet, and more structured if a Rogue Trader fleet.