Thursday, November 28, 2013

Car Wars

My GM, is looking for someone to take the mantle either intermittently, or after our DH campaign has run its course. I ran two D&D campaigns prior, and the second one is a popular choice within the group as the next game.

While I am not opposed to that, I have a hankerin' for something else. A Car Wars campaign! My idea is that the group would be employees/co-owners of a small local shipping company. The structure would be small delivery runs, some accounting/business, and when money is tight, head off to the local AADA arena for a rumble.

I envision the cars as the focus. But am looking at either boosting the primitive character development in Car Was or running an altogether different character system. Out of the 7 of us, only 3 have played Car Wars before (back in the 80's it was one of our favorite games).

As an introduction to the game for the other 4 players, I am planning an Division 15 arena battle. Everyone would have the same car. I based the vehicle off the Armadillo in the Vehicle Guide vol 3. Essentially, I dropped about 1/3 of the armor F, B, L, R and the AP rounds in the RL to add a ram plate and an extra magazine for the RL.

This is v 0.1 of my vehicle record sheet. At this point it is heavily based on the standard sheet. After we play the arena battle, I will make adjustments as we see fit.