Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WIP: Necromunda Objectives

I am still waiting for my surgery to be scheduled, but I'm getting a little stir crazy in the meantime. As I sit reading blogs, and writing army lists the temptation to get back to the workbench was too strong to resist. I spent about an hour the other day, and a few hours today working on some objective markers.

As typical of my nature, I often start projects before I complete the ones already in progress. So I did not work on my TOEMP projects, or my Tau army, or even any WH40KRP NPCs. I was inspired to work on Necromunda terrain. I started by making sketches of buildings that were never finished by adding detail, or making changes to parts I didn't like. Then I started digging around in my terrain boxes, and pulled out a few small pieces. I decided to make some Necromunda objective markers in the same vain as my Tau objective markers, that I could also use for an IG/Arbites force.

I wanted the Ammo Dump to look like a pallet of supplies that the looters were chased off in mid raid. The painted parts were lifted off existing terrain pieces.

This is a rat coop. It could also house blood beetles, giant slugs, blind snakes or mutant dogs. The door slides up and down and is removable. There is room for a std figure, so this could be used as a makeshift prison for a rescue mission too.

For this piece, I took a hatch that wasn't based, or attached to anything. I simply added some detail and a partially demolished bulkhead.

The waterstill is mostly unchanged, except for adding a valve and faucet, and mounting to a detailed 60mm base.

The last piece was a computer terminal that was inspired by the scene from Star Wars where Old Ben was on the Death Star turning off the tractor beams. I have evolved it into a coms tower.