Thursday, January 7, 2010

Battlefleet Gothic on the Brain

Another subject that has been keeping me occupied over the last few weeks is Battlefleet Gothic. Lately I have been trolling Google images and blogs, sketching out some plans for new terrain, and making plans to improve my existing terrain (a bunch of foam balls painted brown and glued on flight stands).

I have some Armageddon Sector ships and some Rogue Trader ships burning to get out of the box and get painted too... I may have to appease the pewter gods later this week.

There are three shelves of my "project organizer" dedicated to BFG: Imperial Fleet, Space Marine Fleet, and Generic (orbital platforms, space stations, rogue trader, terrain). I pulled all 3 shelves out to re-inventory what was done and in progress. Then I started assembling some of the ships from my stash.

[Edit] I wrote this yesterday, and scheduled it to post later today. But I got a little over zealous with things... there are far more projects than I mentioned in my last two posts that I actually worked on. This is a quick list off the top of my head of stuff that that I pulled out and started working on yesterday:

1. Aquilla Lander - I combined some of the smaller pieces of the Crashed Aquilla Lander terrain piece to make 3 pieces total. I traced the shapes onto foam core , and started gluing them to their base.

2. Blastscape - I started trimming the flashing off the edges.

3. Necromunda Objective Markers - I worked a bit on 5 objective markers discussed in this post.

4. Fences & Walls - I fussed around with a WIP cyclone fence project and some resin tech walls.

5. Bases - I trimmed excess plasticard off of WIP urban bases for my Adeptus Arbites squads.

6. Hills - I recently bought a new foam cutter and experimented with cutting out different shapes and textures. I have had a "P" shaped foam cutter for years, but before Xmas, I purchased a straight "I" shaped cutter.

7. Necromunda Terrain - I have a bunch of small (about 60-80 mm) terrain pieces for Necromunda. They are mostly stacks of crates and oil drums that we position around the board to add cover and they are based on square patches of plasticard. I decided it would look better to trim the plasticard to the shape of the actual foot print of the pieces. Since I had bashed some of the terrain to work on my Necromunda objective markers, I had some loose pieces, plus I have some new WIP pieces. I played around with combining different pieces to create both small and large finished pieces.

8. Drones - I assembled (and magnetized) 4 Tau shield drones from my stash, and completed assembly on the 4 converted WIP shield drones. I completed 2 WIP marker light drones, and started 2 converted marker light drones.

So much for taking it easy until surgery!!