Monday, December 29, 2014

Familiar Friend

My Dark Heresy Character has a familiar!

At our last session, my character Nicodemus used a psychic power to bond with a small animal for the first time. He hasn't had the power very long (2-3 session), but if he didn't get something now, his only prospects for a long time would be slim to none.

Turns out, it couldn't have been a better choice! I hadn't yet decided what I wanted to get--A small rodent, a bird of prey, or something foreshadowing Nic's decent into the dark arts. After a bit of thinking while another player was taking actions, I had the idea of checking out a nearby pet store.

Now Nicodemus is a very flashy, sometimes temperamental, self important (and indulgent), usually-loyal-to-the-Emperor Inquisitorial agent. It popped in my head to ask about an exotic animal. It should be noted that our next mission is to take down a group of pirates. I could not contain myself with the irony having a parrot on my shoulder... Shiver my timbers! (sorry for the bad pun) I bought a Blaze Wing! It is a large luminous red parrot!

The next day, I trolled the interwebs to find a suitable figure. I found this 'little' guy for $2.12 from Reaper Miniatures.

For this quickie shot, I used poster tac to attach the tail feathers to the far side of the shield. I love this pose! So much so, I am going to make the parrot's base fit around/under my character's base so they can tactically move together or separately.

I may do a little green-stuff cyber-conversion with the intent to "upgrade" the bird in the future... In hind site, I should have bought two!