Monday, November 17, 2014

Warmachine Cryx Battlegroup WIP

A lost post from over a month ago.

Moving on from my color test, I have made progress on a Warmachine Cryx Battlegroup.

Still some detail and the base left to do, but I have mostly completed the rusted and corroded metal and bone elements of these figures. This isn't a out of the box battle group. I swapped one of the dog-like Deathripper bonejack for the crab-like Stalker bonejack. 

The base is going to be tricky. building up layers of sequentially lighter tinted water effects with the intent to exaggerate the depth of the water. While I have done that with my swamp terrain, I am concerned about the smaller area and how the water effects with interact with the foliage and aquarium plants.

I am looking forward to getting a in game of Warmachine, so I better get cracking on finishing these up!