Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Cats are Mad at Me!!

I took these pictures about 2 weeks ago.

For the last 3ish months, every time I came out to my work bench, this is what I found:

The very first time it happened, I thought my cats were chasing a bug or small vermin and caused some collateral damage. Bit is continued to occur. The next thing I thought was that my cats were after the water in the cup I use to wash my paint brushes (not pictured) as the point of origin was always right next to it. I hoped this was not true as I typically don't change the water very often... and it gets awfully  rank! So I started putting the water cup in the sink every time I was done.

Unfortunately, the attacks on my hobby bench continued relentlessly.

Weather I went out to my work bench every day, once a week, or less frequently, my work space was disturbed in the same specific fashion: The lower right paint bottles were pulled way to the left, the glue bottled were pushed over forward, and the items (models and paint bottles alike) left 'front and center' were knocked over.

The carnage was always focused in the same areas, and did not get worse no mater how many days passed.

About 2 weeks ago, 2 things were different:

Firstly, and most importantly, there was actual damage caused to a figure. Fortunately, it turned out to not be as bad as seemed at first glance.

The second thing different this time around was there was evidence!! Up until now I had no idea if it was Onyx or Mango (or both) causing all the disruption. Well, I found an orange hair--M-A-N-G-O!!!

I put my work bench back in order and took the above picture. I fixed the broken miniature later that day. Today was the first time back at the work bench since taking these pictures. Guess what, Mango struck again!