Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dark Heresy Character Showcase - Scum

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Here is my "recent" project for the "probie" [edit: Lord Grimskull] in our Dark Heresy game. A scum from the planet Fenris. I really like how this turned out with some fairly simple conversions--and the player if happy too!

Image taken from internets without permission

The body of the miniature is a Dark Age Forsaken Coil. I added a WFB dwarf warhammer to the head of the weapon, and used bitz from a chaos vehicle sprue to add some heft and warhammer bling!

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I added an ancient Rogue Trader era space marine bolt pistol as her sidearm, and a cape from my bitz box.

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To emphasize the connection to Fenris, I added some trophies from the Space Wolf sprue to her shoulder and hip (not pictured) and a Mordheim bit to her belt buckle. Lastly, I swapped the head for a WHFB elf head.

For the base I used my standard basing sand mix. I painted the ground a ruddy brown, and the larger rocks a purplish-grey. Next I added a custom mix of dark static grass and finally some leaf scatter from Skullcrafts.

Well that is about it... I hope you like it and that you come back to see more...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bygone: Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Non-Player Character Sheet v2.2

H6ere is another character sheet from thee past. I used this for both cohorts and BBEG. I used a different color than for the PC's sheets so that it would stand out on the table or in a player's packet.

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I think this wraps up my series of D&D 3.x character sheets. I have other drawings and player aids I plan to share in later posts. I hope you liked what you have seen so far!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

(WH) 40KRP in Cin..cin..atiiii

Image taken from the internets without permission

I think of this show, more specifically the last verse of the opening theme song, when I think of Dark Heresy and the other WH40K Role-playing Games. Not that it has much to do with WH40K or role-playing, its just that in my head 40KRP triggered the memory of WKRP, and it is now forever ingrained in my mind and the two will always be opposite sides of a coin.

Anyway, the actual reason for his post is to share a project I am working on. I have undertaken cataloging the various items, skills, adversaries and such in the WH40K Role-playing Game system. So far, I am almost through Inquisitor's Handbook (plus a few other tid bits).

This is not a new concept for me. I took on indexing all of the D&D 3.x books both from WoTC and third party publishers. In total, I managed to index over 400 books. The directory still resides at This time around however, I do not plan to include specific rules definitions. I only intend for this resource to be a reference to book and page number with a few categories included to improve sorting and filtering. I realize a database program is probably the better application to use, but I am much more adept at Excel.

With no further ado, here is the beginnings of the WH40RP Rules Directory. I hope you like the project and I comments and suggestions.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, this was supposed to be my Halloween post. RL has just been to consuming. So this is now a Day of Thanks post! I really appreciate all my followers and I hope you and yours have a great holiday!

Now, on to the fun stuff!! Below I have a brief synopses of what I have managed to work on over my absence from the world wide web... hope you like it!

My GM requested I make a graveyard
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My GM ran a special Halloween themed Dark Heresy encounter on the game session just prior to Halloween. Unfortunately, mostly due to my character's actions, the encounter never occurred in the graveyard (it stayed in the crypt below ground), so the terrain was never used! Oh well, it will get used eventually. I will explain how I made this in a later post.

Rel, our new scumer
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We have recently added a new player to our Dark Heresy game. In a future post, I will show all the conversions to this model, but for now I will say there is a head and weapon swap.

Remote Comm Unit
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Back in this post, I showed a WiP communications console. Here it is ready to be painted. I will also discuss this piece in more detail in a later post.

Trailer progect
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I am rally not sure where I am going with this one. I am half inclined to remove the element (an old school transformer toy) from the yellow trailer and just scratch-build a box-trailer. But on the other hand I could build a box trailer without the toy trailer, so why not just keep going to see what I end up with?
Image taken from the internets without permission
Finally, I have a project to complete for my GM--Convert 12 of the above HeroClix models to Rak'gol's for our future Deathwatch games. I have all the bitz (various tyranid arms) ready to go, and just need to find the time.