Saturday, November 26, 2011

(WH) 40KRP in Cin..cin..atiiii

Image taken from the internets without permission

I think of this show, more specifically the last verse of the opening theme song, when I think of Dark Heresy and the other WH40K Role-playing Games. Not that it has much to do with WH40K or role-playing, its just that in my head 40KRP triggered the memory of WKRP, and it is now forever ingrained in my mind and the two will always be opposite sides of a coin.

Anyway, the actual reason for his post is to share a project I am working on. I have undertaken cataloging the various items, skills, adversaries and such in the WH40K Role-playing Game system. So far, I am almost through Inquisitor's Handbook (plus a few other tid bits).

This is not a new concept for me. I took on indexing all of the D&D 3.x books both from WoTC and third party publishers. In total, I managed to index over 400 books. The directory still resides at This time around however, I do not plan to include specific rules definitions. I only intend for this resource to be a reference to book and page number with a few categories included to improve sorting and filtering. I realize a database program is probably the better application to use, but I am much more adept at Excel.

With no further ado, here is the beginnings of the WH40RP Rules Directory. I hope you like the project and I comments and suggestions.