Sunday, April 17, 2011

Games of Zorcon

I had an unfortunate setback with my medicine that sidelined me for almost a month. I am much better now, and have been productive for about a week now.

While I didn't get any painting or modeling done, I did manage to complete a few projects. The biggest one was to re-launch my eBay store. I shut down the store almost 2 years ago (with a fair amount of inventory left over) due to health reasons. I have listed 10 items so far, and already had some buyers! Currently, I will only sell off inventory and select items from my personal collection-- I may re-open an account with my distributor in the future. You can see that I have also added a gadget to the right that shows the most recent listing.

The other project I started was to convert all my paint pots to dropper bottles. About a year ago I found a source to buy empty Vallejo bottles, but I recently found this source. These bottles are a much better price. I am about half way done, but will discuss the whole process in a later post.

Another project (or projects) I completed was a new Deathwatch character sheet and a v3 Dark Heresy character sheet. I will also discuss these more in depth in a later post.

Future projects include a number of buildings and NPCs for Dark Heresy/40K.

Lastly, I had a few posts in the works before my illness, and I will finish those up in the next few days.