Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bygone: Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Magic Item Cards v3

My second D&D 3.5 campaign was set in the high magic world of Eberron. I wanted magic items to feel like a commodity, so I created these baseball card sized sheets and printed them on card stock. Except for consumables items like potions and scrolls, ALL magic items were represented by one of theses cards. My players really enjoyed the tangible items.

(click on image to enlarge)
(click on image to enlarge)

For the consumable items, I used inexpensive plastic poker chips with colored dot stickers on each one. I wrote the name of the item on the stickers. Each player had a felt bag to keep their poker chips in (I also used glass beads to represent various key items), and 9-card plastic holders for their magic items. Ideally I would have also had something to represent coins, but at the time I never could come up with anything inexpensive.

Here is a link to a printable 18-up PDF file.

This was an overall success in our group. However, it did add more prep time, and caused a lull in the game when a random item was encountered.