Sunday, January 30, 2011

Resin Bases

I have never used resin bases before, but decided to take the plunge! Recently, I received 2 shipments of resin bases to add to my existing Necromunda gangs. I wound up shopping at 2 different companies to get the styles of bases I was looking for-- Tech-Deck from The Dragon Forge (for my Goliaths) and Scrap Yard from resinfx (for my Scaavys). About a year ago, I also purchased some Swamp resin bases from Kerr & King for a Warmachine Cryx force that Laertes bought me.

On a side note, both The Dragon Forge and resinfx shipped their products relatively quickly (for crossing the pond)-- they arrived in about 11 business days. When I opened the packages, I was pleasantly surprised as both companies sent extra bases (a 60mm base from The Dragon Forge, and five 25mm bases from resinfx).

The Dragon Forge bases are crisp and free of bubbles. The bottom of the bases have not been sanded, but it will be unnecessary as they are already smooth and flat. There is a little bit of very thin "flashing" that easily flakes off with my finger. Overall, these are an excellent product!

A few of the 25mm & 40mm bases from The Dragon Forge
The 60mm "freebie"

The resinfx bases need a little bit of clean up. While the bottoms are sanded flat, the base edge has some "over cast" along the ring that needs to be sanded and/or scraped off. I noticed a few bubbles, but they are very minor. I am very pleased with these bases.

A few of the 25mm & 40mm bases from resinfx
The 25mm "freebies"

The Kerr & King need the most clean-up. The bottoms aren't flat, and will need a fair bit of sanding, and there are multiple bubbles on nearly every base. Also, there is a fair amount of "over cast" on a number of bases. I want to be clear that I do not think these are an inferior product-- they are perfect for my Cryx warband, but in comparison to the other two companies' products, these bases can't be used as-is..

A few of the 30/40/50mm bases from Kerr & King

I also ordered a pair of wreck markers from Kerr & King. They have a selection of large and small wreck markers for all (most?) Warmachine factions.