Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tau Hammerhead WIP

A quick in progress shot.

I told myself I wouldn't repaint any of my existing Tau in the new colors until I painted some new units. Well... since I never finished this Hammerhead, I am not counting it as a repaint! >)

So far, just base colors on about 2/3 of the models and an experiment with black-lining the grooves and corners with a Micron 01 Archival Ink pen. I am really LOVING the look!

The yellow missiles really add a pop. What hasn't really shown up in my color scheme tests and showcase pics are the lights/sensors. My "rule" is the main/primary sensor is green with any remaining sensors painted orange. All of the window/screens are blue.

At the moment, the mechanical and innards parts are black, but I am toying with adding a little splash of silver.

I have significantly reduced the steps (and coats of paint) for this color scheme. Before this model, I was painting the entire model in a custom grey (50/50 Shadow Grey/Space Wolf Grey) in 2-3 layers--Which is (was) the groove color. Then I painted all the panels in Space Wolf Grey... typically 3-4 layers to get good coverage. Lastly, I edge highlighted in white.

The steps I took here were to paint a layer of Astronomicon Grey (for opaque coverage only), then a layer of Space Wolf Grey, next add the black line, and finally edge highlight with white--That's 4 steps vs 6-8 steps!!