Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ardbeg Scotch Party

Well, my plans for 23 more posts by the end of the years have slipped by. They days have been a blur with the looming holidays and my wife going in and out of the hospital. She is home now, but has began the process of retiring and starting disability.

Enough of RL... on to why I am here!

My band has another gig. After our last show, we were offered a weekly spot at Paddy's Bar & Grill. We unfortunately had to turn down the offer due to scheduling. Kilty by Association only practices once a week, and collectively we simply don't have the time. However, we countered with a once a month gig and Paddy's liked the idea.

The event will be showcasing Ardbeg Scotch. There will be Scotch tastings and, well us! Here is the poster I created.

The concept and composition was my idea, but I turned to Lord Grimskull to draw the line art. I then dropped in the colors, the background and added the text.

Only 1 practice and 1-1/2 weeks until the show... can't wait!