Monday, December 23, 2013

Aquamarine (Pre) Progress Chart

Happy Holidays! I wish the best for you and yours!

It has been quite a while since I have been able to paint or post much of anything. My wife has gone back to the hospital. Life around the Zorcon household is very stressful and unpredictable. That being said, I have taken some time to get a few posts in before the end of the year: My son and I played the largest game of 40K I have played since 2ed (1500 points); Another post will showcase giants; Plus (hopefully) a few other posts of some of my collections.

Now on to this post. I do not have my Aquamarines organized into squads, let alone a playable army--There have been too many repaints, rule changes, poor decisions over the years. What I did do was take inventory.

The bulk of my figures/models are from 1e 40K. I do have some from 2e, even fewer from 3e, and only a hand full from 4-5e.

Because of the varied load outs, and having a fairly large bitz box, I did not list every weapon combination. The only things I specified were the Mk of the vehicles and the roll of the troops.

325 Space Marines (about 1/3 RT001)
          2      Commanders
          5      Librarians
          10    Chaplains
          2      Apothecaries
          18    Techmarines
          22    Sergeants
          174  Marines
          34    Heavy Weapons
          31    Special Weapons
          46    Assault Weapons
7 Space Marine Scouts
52 Terminators
          2      Commanders
          4      Librarians
          5      Sergeants
          17    Marines
          10    Heavy Weapons
          9      Assault Weapons
3 Razorbacks (Mk1)
3 Predators (Mk1)
4 Land Raiders (3@ Mk1; 1@ Mk3)
7 Rhinos (6@ Mk1; 1@ Mk3-mod as Damocles?)
6 Dreadnoughts (4 @ Mk1; 2@ Mk2)
3 Robots (Mk1)
3 Bikes (2@ Mk1; 1@ Mk3)
3 Bike + Sidecar (Mk1)
8 Land Speeders (5@ Mk1; 3@ Mk3)

With perfect utilization, I could make 30 units of Space Marines, and 9 units of Terminators.

About 2/3 of all this is assembled and about 2/3 of whats assembled is painted.