Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Moving Day

Moving day is almost upon me once again. I think I have developed a fairly good system of packing over the years, but I think one area that I tend to leave as somewhat of an afterthought is transporting my figures. The good news about slipping in to the role of a collector (see previous post) is that at least the models are safely tucked away inside (sometimes almost indestructible) layers of packaging. That’s not the case with the various models that are in various stages of completion. And keep in mind that I use the term “completion” here only in the loosest sense: most of these models are simply based and primed, with perhaps a few having at least basecoats of paint (usually in just a single color). As everything else is now packed, and I gaze out at the remnants of various armies, I am resolving now to (at least in the future) consider more carefully the transport of various miniatures.

After all, I’ve seen the results of one move too many: my Chaos fleet (from Battlefleet Gothic) is in a deplorable state after the last three moves. The Imperial fleet never caused that many casualties! I’ve come across parts of a grand cruiser, parts of a battleship, and various escorts in the course of packing (at least the escorts are in fairly good shape). My Grey Knights seem particularly prone to shed their Nemesis force weapons, along with the arm that holds it. What to consider now? I’ve heard the guys on 40K Radio mention Battlefoam, and from the web site that seems like it would work (except perhaps for the Battlefleet Gothic ships). I’ve found a few others, but many seem to be overseas, and I was not looking necessarily to incur international shipping charges. Does anyone have any particular recommendations? Products or methods they have used for moving models?