Thursday, June 18, 2009

Salamanders Completed!

As mentioned in this post, I have been building a Space Marines army for my son. It is finally finished! 51 figures assembled (half with conversion) and painted in three weeks. That is just about 2.5 figures a day. Here is a shot of the devastator and assault squads before painting. Some of the color is the actual plastic color (Basic Space Crusade), but there was still a good amount of paint left after stripping too.

Here is the completed army. It clocks in at 1500pts.

This project is below my usual painting standards, but these figures are going to get a fair amount of "hands on" time both in pseudo-40K games and in general playtime. I think overall, on the table they turned out really good. My son is happy, so that's what really counts!!

What's next? Well... the marines need to fight somebody... 80+ orks!! More about this later.

Read more about this army <here>.