Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Risk: An Unexpected Journey (part 4)

I recently started working again on my custom Risk board (and rules). You can see my progress that I started over a year ago here (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3).

The most notable change is the addition of 19 territories (up from 51). But another change is that I redrew the entire map! The continental proportions are loosely based off the Risk 2008 board, but I used various global maps for the actual drawing. Other changes are adding more regions, more "ancient map" detail, and rules/component insets.

Inspiration for this project came from the desire for a lite world domination game that can be played within 2 hours or less that has good replay value (my two biggest issues with standard Risk). I love the Napoleonic pieces that came in the 1993 edition, so that is where I started with the style of map art.

I enjoyed designing the map much more then putting all the rules together. In fact, some of my rules ideas have derived directly from the map design process! With that said, I have done very little with the rules, apart from taking notes--Nothing playable. Oh well, I am still having fun with this creative process!!

[EDIT] If you would like the hi-res files, they can be download here:

InDesign File
InDesign Support Files (Including a PSD of MAP)