Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Our group waiting to ambush the enemy!

My gaming group gets together 1-2 times a month to play Dark Heresy. During our last session, we only had time for a short encounter and some minor bookkeeping and narrative. Here is an overhead shot.

We (most of us) decided to help out a bounty hunter capture a wanted man. This is our group (minus 2) setting up an ambush for said marauder leader and his crew. We just stole their truck (in the foreground), drove it a few blocks away, and waited for them. The bounty hunter stayed back to follow them along an alley. We timed this attack to coincide with a raid (A bunch of angry natives of this planet were trying to rescue a sacred beast on the other side of town).

[picture placeholder] 

I must say that this attack was executed to near perfection. Quintillia waited for the leader to enter the killzone and just as she was about to fire, the leader spotted our ambush (hence "near perfect"). Our bounty shot first and hit!! Fortunately, the building absorbed enough of the blast that Quin still got her shot off -- a solid hit. The rest of the marauders scattered to the side streets - one of them within 3 meters of me!! Point blank full-auto burst from my autopistol sent the marauder flying back 9 meters in a red mist (best shot of the night IMO!!). The marauders started to break at this point, and Karrl and the bounty hunter took out a second grunt.

[picture placeholder]

On the fourth round, Karrl, Quin and the bounty hunter ganged up on the leader and subdued him. The bounty hunter took the prisoner to the enforcer's station, while we looted (and later sold) everything else. We did our best to make this attack look like it was part of the violence from the planet's natives.