Thursday, June 17, 2010

A spaceport in the outer rim...

At our next session. my Dark Heresy group will be landing an a somewhat desolate spaceport on a desert-like planet.

I mentioned in this post that Adeptus-B is planning to make enough buildings by our next session to densely cover my entire gaming table. All his buildings will be made with packing material, so I decided to keep with that theme when I decided to add my own "little" entry to the project.

The above pic is the building's current state. I have (and will be) taking pics throughout the building process These will be included in a later post. The elevated rectangular "roof" is not the landing pad, but a area for smaller buildings to be stacked. Adeptus-B said the spaceport has a "Mos Eisley" feel to it... so think of a small Docking Bay 94 (where the Millennium Falcon was docked in Mos Eisley)

I am also making a second building with the Mos Eisley style in mind (although not with packing material per se)...

Happy Birthday

Well, my blog is 1 year old! Its been a lot of fun, and I hope I am still sharing my hobby with you all next year!

Here are a few pics of some Dark Heresy NPCs made by me friend Adeptus-B.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Walls & Barricades Complete

I actually finished this project about a week and a half ago, but took some pictures I didn't really like. The delay in re-shooting and posting was brought on by my vast health improvements and taking on a number of home renovations projects.

This was a really fun project and I look forward to using them in a game. Adeptus-B will probably find a use for them in our Dark Heresy campaign too!!

I made six 6" sections in total, with two "heavily" damaged. Originally the two damaged sections were going to be gates, but I later decided against that.

 I also added the static grass to the electric posts...

My next project will be to add to Adeptus-B's Space Port project.

You can find out how I built the cyclone fences in the first part of this article over at Walls & Barricades.

Space Port part 1

Just a quick introduction to this project. In Dark Heresey, we are going to spend a little time (Read: more than 2 sessions)  in a space port (sort of a Mos Eisely feel). Adeptus-B started churning out these buildings for our encounters. He wants to cover my gaming table (about 3.5' x 6.5') with various sized buildings, only leaving alleyways and thoroughfares. This is one of the small buildings, and there are about a dozen so far.

All of the buildings are made from packing material, with some being based on 1" pink foam board. A few of my smaller Necromunda buildings will be peppered in as well.

I will get pics of the other buildings up in a later post. Once it is fully assembled, I will take a few pics of the entire table.